My girlfriend told me she had an afair before me. whayt should I do now?

i love her so much but only this thing hurts me that she had an affair sme one touched her ever... how could i get out from this pain


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  • Are you saying that she cheated on her ex before she started dating you?

    • no from the day when she said she lov me she never cheated me... she just told me everything she suffer before me

    • ohhhhh. Did you tell her how this makes you feel?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you worried because she had a sex life before she met you?
    You're about 27 years old, so did you have any sex life before you met her?

    There's nothing to get over. You live in the present and the future, not in the past.


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  • Accept her mistakes, imperfections, and the fact that she had a life prior to being with you.


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