What is the best way to get over my ex?

I stopped thinking about him for a couple of months. Now he is all I think about again. He has moved on and I thought I moved on too. What triggered these emotions to come back?


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  • I just answered a question along these lines using the expression "You don't know what you've got until it's gone." The words mean something. Maybe you still love him but didn't realize how much you'd miss him once he truly walked away finally. He may be a soul-mate of sorts or a best friend or maybe more. You are thinking about him because you took his presence for granted. I mean no accusation by this it's just an observation that happens often. I think you need to really sit down by yourself and think about how you really feel about him. Does he complete you in ways no other person does? Does he support you in everything you do? Does he make you feel like the person you want to be in life. If none apply then maybe you are just lonely and want attention and affection. I think you are feeling these emotions because you are realizing that you just might really miss this guy. I'm guessing he has some issues that bother you from when you were together but now that you are apart you can now see that they had their reasons. I hope this helps darling and cheers :D


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  • Just being lonely. You need to find someone to comfort with.

  • You could just sleep with his best friend.


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