My girl broke things off with me and I've never felt like this after a break up, and I've had much longer relationships... it's scaring me?

We met when I had just gotten off work, ended up talking for 6 hours after she found out i was 22, she's 30, continuing in the car once the bar closed, we made out and went back to her place but didn't do anything but passionately kiss and cuddle, we tried to take things slow but by the 3rd day we couldn't hold out any more. But from the first night we met, we spent at least some time together every day for a month and a half. Since she said we need to talk and we met for beers and her to tell me she can't do whatever this is that we are, I haven't been able to hold any solid food down for 6 days, I'm constantly sick to my stomach and my chest is in knotts. Is this the pain of losing someone you truly love? How can I get this to stop?
Also, I know that I want her back, we have been talking a bit but I don't know if I should just stop trying to talk to her. She doesn't go out of her way to talk to me. But since we started whatever it was, I told her good night and good morning


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  • yes dude you really loved her... get yourself surrounded by the right people (your friends, relatives)... and go out

    • I don't have many close friends or close family. I just moved in with her best friend too. And I'm having to find a new job as well :/
      I do really love her but i can't figure out how it happened let alone so fast since she said i like her more than she likes me.

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    • I want to get her back though, I feel like if I give her the space and time she needs and I'm more assertive she will come back to me

    • just be sure of what you really want in life dude

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