Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

My ex and I broke up less than a mth ago, he txts calls me here n there.. at times I do more the txting but at times when he calls me he says can we text im with my room mates (his room mates dnt like me) the last time we talked for awhile than he said he was "getting sleepy" (it was late) but before he use to always make time for me now shld I accept we still have contact and not get angry but it hurts me when I want to talk and at times he rather txt... shld I be glad some communication is better than nothing?


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  • I think that you should be glad that you guys can still communicate with each other because most couples after a break unusually stop contacting each other right off the bat. So I have to say you're pretty lucky. But I think you have the right to get angry if he doesn't want to talk on the phone but wants to text. Tell him that it's faster and easier just to talk on the phone, rather than texting the whole time because texting does get tiring.

    • Yes I know I am very blessed to still be able to have contact particularly because in my heart I feel he still hasn't fully let go.. he broke up with me due to trust issues and now I have to rebuild his security.. show him he has nothing to worry abt.. I just finished txting him and I must say it was the best convo I've had in awhile.. I told him "I want to be your best friend forever" he said "id like you to be my best friend! <3" I dnt want to read much into it but to me I really want to be his wife and hope we can be best of friends so that I may one day be

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    • Aww sorry about that ill check my settings but sure girl message away :)

    • Message me first haha cause I can''t because I don't know your username on here.

  • yeah actually,... you're making a big deal out of nothing... he is your ex after all

    • He is my ex but back than he use to always make time for me he was the one who wanted to stay longer on the phone when we were together but now he says I put everything under a microscope.. he is talking to this girl so I guess it makes me uneasy if it was her wld he be doing that to her.. our relationship is a bit weird tho because even after we broke up we still talk here and there and have even hung out.. emotions come out.. so I dnt want to push him away but I guess him possibly talking to that other girl makes me uneasy.. I love him so much.. he feels I betrayed his trust.. and I dnt want to be so easily frustrated I shld be glad he at least does that for me.. I want to prove I deserves him

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