Has anyone ever gotten back with an ex and it worked? Or did it end in shambles?

Tell me your story, or opinion of a situation such as this.


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  • My boyfriend and I broke up just over a year ago and that lasted a couple of months. He dated someone during that time but ended it after 2months. For us it was like that saying "you don't always know what you have until their gone" We are much stronger this time then we were before. So it can happen.


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  • If they made the split
    then they have decided it's either not their fault or that's all the effort they choose to invest in this deal
    getting back together
    puts all the over the top effort on you
    and is often only them appeasing others that are fighting for you or that you are the best deal for them or the replacement was more fantasy than real ,,,, so they didn't have a nice soft nest to transfer to (& leave you in the empty, lonely nest of HELL)

    Are you getting the self centered, duck you mentality, yet?

    Can you guess IF it worked out?
    This is NOT an IF question (NO!!!)
    this is a HOW LONG will the reunion last question... Answer is... until she finally finds that soft feather bed AWAY from yours.


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  • Never happened to me, since I haven't had a boyfriend yet, but two of my friends apparently like to play dumb sometimes.
    One of them broke up with the guy because he wouldn't text and he would also talk with other girls , but after that they made up and broken up like 6 more times
    Same goes for the other girl

    My desk mate also got back with him like 10 minutes after the break up and they're stronger than ever :)
    SO I guess it is possible.

  • I'd almost never get back with an ex. We broke up for a reason.

  • I've never done that and I never will. It ended for a reason

  • I tried. Never worked for me.


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