Is my ex is contacting me again - is it genuine or is he just jealous?

My ex of 7 mos dumped me very coldly a few weeks ago. A week later, he heard through a mutual friend that I was going away on a long vaca for a month with a group of people. One of the guys who is going is friendly with my ex (and who is also much younger and hotter than my ex) texted him and asked him if it would be ok if he asked me out. My ex did a 180, calling/emailing me before I left, hinting at wanting to hang out. On the vaca, he emailed me to see how things were going. He's obviously jealous but does it mean he's having second thoughts? Can jealousy act as a trigger to sometimes realize you've made a mistake?


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  • law of attraction. thats how all these break up gurus work. someone dumps you, you show them you can have fun (aka vacation with fun people, not sobbing and crying over him!) and they want you back.

    But be careful. And think about all the bad stuff that happened too. You don't want to go through the same thing and having him hurt you again. at the moment it's jealousy and he might even think he wants you back. but unless he doesn't make any genuine attempts to get back with you, let it be.

    • The problem is that we live almost 2 hour away, so even if he initiates wanting to get back together, it means a lot of work. So he may want to reconnect but is not sure exactly how it would work...

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  • It depends on his motives, just feel it out before you jump to any conclusions.

    • I am letting him initiate all contact but I've been responding to his emails (I would get back together with him if that was his intention). I just think it would be messed up of him and selfish to do this with no intention of reconnecting romantically, considering the way he dumped me. I might be acting like I'm over it but he knows he hurt me (I cried when he broke up with me). I was the one who suggested we get together when he called, since he was feeling me out, and he jumped on it and said yes let's have coffee and hang out, it will be nice to see you. Could he just be a selfish asshole and be doing this out of pure possessiveness?

    • That could be a possibility. You will just have to wait and see what he wants.

  • Yes it can. Sometimes you don't know who you had until you don't have them anymore.


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