What is my ex girlfriend think?

So well long story short I moved across the country with my ex. We dated for a quite sometimes. Well we spilt and I went back home but try to remain good friends. Also we bought a car together and there was no way she could take on that responsibility alone, so I help her out. Months past we have been friends and heck I visited her for a weekend. Then she started to date this guy and I guess she's in love with him. To the point of this question is that lately my ex has been acting really wired. One day she tells me that she wish that I was still there so we can take our dog to the beach. I thought nothing of it at first, then she talks to me about how she has these panic attack at work. The next day out of the blue she text me that she misses how she could tell me everything. Right before I could text back she also sent she also misses how everything was not your's or mine but ours. Like what? Then she tells me she doesn't know why she sent that and shouldn't have. Well I ask her does she have feeling for me and she doesn't know. Then tells me that she missed how our relationship was easy and not complicated and how she can't share anything with her boyfriend. Now she has texts in a few day. What's going on with her. Is she messing with my head or what?


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  • She's confused on what and who she wants.


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