Girl is going through some serious issues and isn't ready for a relationship. What does this Mean?

I've known this girl for 7 years and have communicated via FBook. We messaged each other a few times a year, just as simple friends. However last July she messaged me indicating how hot she thought I was in a photo. by the way she lives in America, I live in Africa (however she's African as well). We started talking via whats app and this led to skype. We immediately hit it off and got on well however she expressed to me that she was going through a divorce and its kinda messy. Which made me feel like perhaps she was using me as an outlet. We spent hours and hours on FTime and we were obviously physically attracted to each other. We started off as being friends chatting about her issues and gradually led towards us being flirty and her talking about how she would love to have my kids and can't wait till she visits at Christmas time. Everything was good.
Anywaz she came to Africa for Christmas and we hung out 24/7 had sex. However I think my insecurities got best of me and feeling like she wouldn’t want me and trust issues kicked in. Her separated husband was contacting her parents still causing problems making her look bad. I began to wonder what was going on between us and asked her and her response being she wasn’t ready right now. I said she should message me when she's ready. She said aren’t we suppose to be friends before we move into relationship.
I dnt know if she just wanted me to stay as a friend so as not to feel bad.
She has told me and I believe her she wnt ever go back to him. She is there on a marriage visa and hasn’t become a full citizen yet. Thus meaning she might have to move back to Africa soon.
She has said I am the type of guy she likes but now isn’t just the right time, me continuously pushing for this has caused a void. She has however said she wants us to remain friends and leave rest to God, She said she needs healing and peace right now for her to be back to her normal self.


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  • I know I am only 17 but being a girl I can tell you from experience in a way that she was probably just having all of these emotions and didn't know what to do so she tried to forget everything that is going on in her life and find an outlet someone she knew would be there for her but honestly if she is saying that she truly likes u then it might be real just let her figure things out with herself for now and just keep being there for her and see where it goes


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  • It means she "isn't ready for a relationship (with you)" ... she's putting you down softly since she's not interested in you... move on.


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