Break up after 6 years of relationship?

We were together for 6 years. i'm 25 she is 21. We loved each other so much. At the first years i was so confident in myself, acted cool and strong. She loved me sooo much. Couldn't live without me. After 3-4 years and few quarrels/disagreement. She secretly started to talk to her ex. 1 month after she told me about that... told that she is sorry and still love me so much.. that she won't talk to him anymore. I believe her. She flew to other county for business. Accidentally i knew that she is still talking to him. I asked her about that.. she says "yes... but it's just friends talk". At that very moment i lost everything i had: my confident, my university, my job, my friend. I was completely alone for about 2-3 weeks of HELL!! i couldn't eat, sleep e. t. c. When she came back... i fixed everything and we were together again. I was sure that ex was already i history. We lived happy live, doing stuff together. Few month ago i get really upset and went like this to her birthday. She was very angry and from that moment she wanted a break up. After that i saw her walking with other guy... they were holding their hands together for a bit then she took her hand and didn't want to hold he's hand. I approached them, wanted to kick ass that bastard ass... then my ex stopped me. I wanted to talk and she said "why r u wanna talk it's over" anyway that guy walked away. and we talked with my ex. It was a very hearth breaking moment. She cried a lot and me. we were standing there... holding each other, hugging, kissing e. t. c. It was very hard to let her go. But i did. i put her on elevator (coz she won't go) and saw her crying face while door closed. Few days ago a met her accidentally on street, we talked a little bit. I smiled and so does she and i said "glad to see you" then she went home so do i. Oh yeah our sexual life together was amazing, we were doing that like a rabbits. before that breakup started.
I want her back. Sry for bad eng
I still think there is a chance to bring her back. I need help. How can i do that? i really want to call her but i'm holding myself


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  • I'm very sorry your relationship ended. It'll be ok


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  • I lost track when you put her in an elevator.


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