Why is he cutting me out of his life?

So me and my guy friend have been more then friends for about a year! Everything was going good, we had our arguments now and then but we sorted through them... Until last weekend when he called it off (not the first time on both of our parts) however this time is different he practically said he wants me out of his life.

Which I don't understand as things were going good, kissing me goodbye, letting me stay, telling me I looked nice and other compliments, talking to me every night even though he was flat out at work. Just spending one morning having massages and falling asleep cuddling, let his mum know about me.

And what makes it even more confusing is that when ending things he told me he did care for me, he respected me and has a lot of time for me. People are saying he was getting to emotionally evolved and it scared him (he was cheated on 3 years ago by his ex) he even brought that up while arguing saying he's broken and how he's going to be the same in years to come.

I'm just so confused as I don't understand what I've done to make him want to do this? A couple months ago he had a go at me for just suggesting stop texting & told me how it's shit as he enjoys having banter with me! & he got really angry about the whole thing of loosing me?


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  • I agree with dreaming. That's exactly what it sounds like.


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  • I don't think you're REALLY out of his life for good. I think this is another one of your bumps in the road, except this time things got emotional and went to the next level. I think he needs to get over the insecurities of his ex cheating on him, then you guys can move on.


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