I don't no what else I can do or say!

soooo... basically I have a boyfriend of 4years who will not let me end this relationship , I have come to realize that we are two totally different people who just don't belong together but he doesn't see it the way I do. The whole time of this relationship it has been one sided I don't know why I stuck around this long honestly and now it makes it harder to be the bad guy and say goodbye! I don't want to be on bad terms I just know that this is what is best for me and I finally have to put my self first I have tried to sit and talk to him about how I feel but he just brushes it off like always and doesn't want to hear it. I love him I'm just not in love with him! what else can I do?


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  • You MUST get a huge guy to at least POSE as your new BF for awhile - The End

    • lol but he is still my bf so that would be considered cheating I'm not into that and he is a pretty muscular guy I just wanna no what else I can say to him to make him part on good terms.

    • "Dear, I have found someone else more special than you - I hope we can always be friends forever - be happy for me and be my friend"

    • lol I guess I could try something like that !!

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