Guys help me please, feeling confused!?

There's a guy that i started talking to back on January. Him and I then started dating on March and broke up on April. We only went on one date then his parents found out that he was dating me and grounded him.. and he's 20 .. so he told me him and I can't meet for the timw being so I was fine with it. Him and I would talk time to time then it eventually lead to me only initiating conversations. He would give me one word answers and act like he is busy with work. Then I blew up at him a few days later then blocked him on Facebook. A week later I apologized to him and unblocked him. Keep in mind that this was on April. Now him and I haven't talked. I think he would go to an event that I'm gonna go to on September.

Do you think he thinks I'm weird?


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  • You both sound weird. His parents ground him, really you're buying that? If that is true he has more issues than you want to deal and it makes me wonder why you're still interested.

    • I felt skeptical when he told me that.. I don't know why I still like him though I want to get over him

    • Then stop talking to him.

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