Break ups... Breaking hearts... When is the right time? What do you do when you don't want to do what you want to do?

I love my boyfriend. I know that I do, because I'm dreading this break up. But I have feelings for someone else. Really strong feelings. And I want to move and go to college and not be with him. But at the same time I can't breath at the thought of never laying with him again. And the thought of making him cry is killing me, but it's not fair to keep going.. I don't know what to do. No matter what I do it is going to hurt so bad.


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  • I would say just go with your gut, and be with whoever makes you happy. I made a mistake and went back to ex when I should've listened to my gut, it always tells you right from wrong that way you don't get hurt. Its like you them but you want to let them go but you don't know which way to go. Listen to your gut it will tell you what is right from wrong. It might hurt, but that's love. You'll heal though eventually it'll just take time. I know the feeling, trust me.


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  • Wow please answer my question after, I could use some great advice from a girl that's going through the same thing :)

    Well it's hard, it sucks I know :( but you can't really do anything. First relax, of you need to just tell your boyfriend you need a week of two break just to clear your mind and really think things through for what you want. During this time he will also be thinking about what to do and continue from there. Really focus on what you want in life and your future during this break. When you really know what to want let your partner know. Sometimes things always don't work out and you need to just keep moving forward in life. Maybe right now things aren't working out but maybe some time apart from each other will really realize what you two want. :) I hope this helps

    • Thank you (I'll read it right now)

  • What has this new person done to you that he's making u wanna leave your bf? Are u just bored?

    • I want to leave the city we grew up in , in a year. And he doesn't. Nor does he want me to. That's really the biggest thing.

    • U should probably take a break from ur bf. Not full on break up. See if u miss him enough to go back and work things out. Otherwise if this new guy is enough to make u forget about ur bf then see if u can live with that.

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