Why does my ex want to hang out with me?

So I broke up with my ex a couple months ago, however he seemed to agree with the decision. He agreed that we're better off as friends. It's weird to me to hang out after a break up at all. We've been texting, which I don't mind. It's nice to get some advice from him about animals (which is his field). He texts me complaining about his dates-which to me is odd. It's almost like he's trying to brag about going out with people? Also he generally is the one to contact me. I've only texted him a couple times with a question. What I mean is-it's nice to be on friendly terms, but I find it weird to actually be friends. Well he's invited me over twice-once to watch a girlie disney movie that I liked, and now he bought a food that he never really liked but I did. He invited me over to have some. I told him I'll go but we would just be hanging out as friends. Is this weird? Why does he keep contacting me?


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  • Its not weird that he wants to hang out. The reason that he played your favorite movie and bought your favorite food is because that is what he knows. Those things are what familiar to him because you guys used to date. He keeps contacting you because he likes hanging out with you.


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