Tips? For anyone thats been in a similar situation. thanks?

I just cannot get the thought of my ex out my head, and it is driving me to insanity. Going from very sad to very angry in an instant. I know these feeling are normal. Its just i know she's talking to loads of other dudes, and the reason we split the reason she gave wasn't genuine imo. Just when you get that feeling you're not being told the truth? I've deleted her and her family members on fb to try and help because i look at her profile daily it just seems she has. moved on so easily and for some reason i just cant? drugs dont help. Booze dont help. Cutting all ties of communication dont help. I know times a healer and im not as bad as when it first happened. I just feel so rotten so anyone whos been in this position... hellllllp!. Thankyou, what did you do? To finally get over it.
Talking to other dudes. and slept with a few others since we split


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  • I've been there. But he wasn't just talking to other girls, I got dumped for another girl. It killed me. But this is what you need to do.

    -Think about all the BAD TIMES. Completely erase the good times from your memory. Remember that those good times you have with her... they weren't special. You could have those times with ANY other girl. They were NOT special and you will have BETTER times with better people! Whenever you think of a good memory, just think to yourself "yeah that happened, but then she did THIS" and just think about all the bad things she did. Get angry.

    -Go out and talk to other girls. You don't need to date any of them, you just need the attention. You need to force yourself to realize that there are other girls out there, hotter girls, better girls, nicer girls. There are literally millions of girls in the world and this one is SO insignificant. Go out and check girls out, talk to a few, develop a crush. It'll be good for you.

    -Don't make contact with her. Don't do it. Also, keep yourself busy. You'll find that whenver your bored and not doing anything, that's when you'll think about her the most. Stay busy, and find a pretty girl that you can focus your thoughts on instead.

    That's what I did except the girl version lol and I was over him quite quick :)

    • I think that is my problem. I can't see myself ever loving or being with another girl i just cannot picture it at all. I have recently just got a full time job which istart tomorrow :) so that will keep me busy i think. Being unemployed you dont have much to do... alone with your thoughts quite a bit. May have been the not having a job that made her end it? She said it wasn't but if it was then if she isn't there for me in the harder times then why bother ar all. Thanka for the message... feel enlightened haha. All the best!

    • Exactly! If she doesn't care enough to be there with you during hard times... that's so awful. She's awful. I've been there, but time will help. :) Remember that you'll eventually find another girl that's so amazing, you will feel so stupid for being hung up over this girl! Good luck with your job and fingers crossed everything works out for you :-)

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  • I've been in something similar when I broke up with my ex last year, and then everyday I'd come to school he'd always been staring at me and I just hated it like look somewhere else please and stop looking at me. It was hard too for me, everywhere I walked it was like I saw his face and he was stuck in my head for a couple of months. It took me like 5 months to get over him I just acted like he didn't exist. I would say, distract yourself and meet other people, go on an adventure go explore the world. Do whatever it is you want to do to get her out of your head. I know how it is trust me I've been there... it was like being stuck in quick sand. There's more fishes in the sea she isn't the only fish you see. It takes time to heal, but try to heal slowly and don't ever go back to an old love because its just a way getting hurt again. Find something that excites or go hang out with your friends and go see a movie or something that you might been wanting to see since it first came out. You have to distract yourself and she'll get out of your head I promise. I wish you the best of luck, don't worry your not alone I went through the same thing, it might not have been easy but it was worth it

  • Usually when we are dumped we feel shitty because we feel like we didn't deserve to be loved. The truth is, not everybody can be compatible. If she gave you a shitty reason all the better, because it means that she really couldnt find anything wrong with you.

    If you can get the chance, talk/ write to her and tell her how you feel. Then, allow yourself to appreciate who you are and see that you are awesome. Someone who loves you and deserves you will follow soon enough once you love yourself!

    • I wasn't really dumped in the general sense, it started off as were seeing too much of each other, although she did most of the inviting me over and such i thought maybe the problem was i was asking to see her too much aswell i mentioned it and she said it wasn't the problem. she's training to be a chef and the relationship was in the way of it and she wouldn't have a lot of time to see me :/ but the thing is she hasn't changed at all so i dont see how i was in the way. If she has time to socialise with other guys do things witg them then why not me? someone who genuinly loves her? It has became kinda clearer since writing this... i was a good fuck and she was telling me it was a relationship to keep me in bed who knows... thanks for your help

    • when someone wants to spend time with you they will do everything they can to see you, dont forget that. Glad I could help.

  • I hate to be a preacher, but consider getting help for substance abuse. I'm not judging, I have no place to judge anyone for anything.

    • Im not dependant just helps to shut of my thoughts for a few hours which is heaven tbh haha. But yeah best stop before it doea become addiction. Thanks

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