My ex-boyfriend just broke up with me and moved out of my apartment... so why is he moving next door?

My ex boyfriend just recently broke up with me (two weeks ago)... he had been living in my apartment and moved out... saying he wanted space which turned into a total break up. We had been arguing a lot and he can be a bit controlling and thought it would be best to have some space but not break up completely... then he tells me he wants to try and be friends... that he misses me and doesn't like not being in each others' lives at all. So now he tells me that he is moving into his own place... and it is right next door to mine!!! There were other units available in the complex but he had an excuse why he didn't like any of those units. He said he doesn't want to live next door to me either... if that is the case than WHY would he choose to? It's out of my control and there is nothing I can do to get him to not live there. Why would he want to do this?


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  • He has not gotten over you. And he is secretly hoping you both ll get back together in the near future.

    • why wouldn't he just tell me he wants to get back together (since he knows I do) - instead of just moving in next door? I feel like he is trying to keep tabs on me...

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