He said he needs some time to give him time?

He told me after abandoning me pregnant that he needs time to give him time. Then it went to we will never be together. Then I hate you fuck you fuck you fuck you. Then maybe when i see the baby things will change. Then maybe I'll be at the hospital. I saw he's talking to other girls on a social media site. Are calls are less then one minute. Then I hate you again fuck you some more to maybe things will be different when I see the baby and now wants a DNA test. I never cheated on him never treated him bad sacrificed a lot for him my goals I had set up for college and my job because he didn't like the guys I worked with for him. I married him he's holding off on the divorce says it's not important and holding off bringing my personal belongings. Is it that he wanted. 9 months of freedom or what can this be about I'm due really soon what do I do I've been dealing with hurt and. Heartache. But still taking care my pregnancy appointments signed up for wic for my baby buying things my babys going to need making sure everything is ready. How do I understand what's going on with him if he can't talk with me.


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  • He needs to man up and take care of his responsibility. Him leaving you while you are pregnant shows that he is not ready for that, which means he needs to grow up. My biological dad left my mom while she was pregnant with me. He came back for a while after I was born but left again because he said that he wasn't ready to be strapped down to be a father... Just always remember this quote
    "Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy"
    He should be a daddy to the little one not just a father!


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