Why do I still feel there's hope with me and my ex? No matter how I feel/ how ugly things are I feel like my ex is gonna come back.. Help?

So me and my ex dated for awhile and we broke up but we had a bond he's a rapper so basically I was his rider his main his everything he still treated me right and sometimes he'll mess up but he so stupid thins without thinking so fast foward to now a few weeks ago he said we not on the same page and I was confused because we was okay nothing was wrong we were just job hunting we spent time but during that day he seem stressed or something so then he said we not on he same page of course I got upset I blew him up called and called I never begged I basically said I've been here with you for two years why blah blah and he answered my called He basically was on some other ish and then he said he'll talk to me when he talk to me so I still called and called cuz I was confused cuz nothing was wrong so then asap he starte to give some other girl his attention putting on for fb when he post a pic of her he take it down it's like why leave someone you love for a Crush? I feel like hell come back he always do and it's like he called her his soul mate blah blah which is bs how you gone leave me then hop on to someone else that fast that seem like a rebound fling he know better I've been by his side through everything will he regret? Will he come back? He can't possibly think they gonna work smh I think he might be moving to atl for music an probably that girl smh I doubt he's leaving anytime soon but that's really messed up how you push me away for someone you like / lust for I still love him and feel deep down he'll come back around but he moved on or started liking someone too fast you don't have to prove to people you got someone new I feel like see a distraction for him smh it don't make sense he's being real stupid after two years of good and ups and downs why leave that for someone you crush on just cuz she keep it real that don't mean that's your soul mate smh I don't understand why he did it all I know is I want him back really regretting all this and be a man


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  • just get over it. i know its hard to forget someone that close, but there are a lot of guys out there.

    • I know but no a days it's hard to have a convo with someone without then wanting to have sex smh it's really hard fr it is if he admitted he was wrong sorry or miss me I'll be okay but this situation is crazy and not right

    • look the truth is a lot of people are not honest dosent matter what you believe or think of them, so its better to not think of that, dont get stuck in your past enjoy your present and hope for the best. And look for other guys.

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