My ex wants to be friends after we just broke up? Says it's his way of seeing if things will work out. Is he over me?

My ex and I just broke up he says he needs space. After a few days he contacted me saying he wants to be friends... saying he misses me and this is his way of seeing if things will work out. He also said he is moving next to me in our complex. He had been living with me but moved out since we were fighting then he broke up with me saying he needs to figure out his life. He seems confused. Why would he want to live next door to me? Do you think he's over the relationship?


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  • I do not think the relationship is over. He just needs some time to clear is head and really focus on what he wants in his life. I know it hurts allot. But that is really strange why he would be moving in next to you. Usually when people want there space they really push the closet ones away. Just give him some time don't push him of anything and I'm sure he will make his way back to you in a jiffy. Only contact him if he contacts you first :)

    If you have time please answer my question :)

    • He showed up here drunk two nights ago said his bed is uncomfortable and wanted to nap in mine. I let him stay then we argued the next day and he's ignoring me now... It's so many mixed signals. Do just leave him be for now? He knows I want to get back together and I find it odd he would move next door since he says I'm "crazy" but guys always think women are crazy when we're being emotional and lose the one we love. It's difficult for me since I just moved 1000 miles from home and he's the only one I know and have here.

    • Just give him some time and let him do his own thing for a bit. Don't push things on him. Try to go out and meet new people. If he sees this he will be wondering what's going on and start chasing you hard again

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