I need to know if there is any hope for getting back my girl?

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up angrily, she hung up on me and I deleted her from social media.. a few days later I messaged her and told her I was sorry. I never heard anything and then I panicked and messaged her several times pleading for her to call me and give us a chance... I never heard anything so I gave up for a bit... she finally texted me and told me she was sorry for not responding but she didn't know what to say other than that she didn't want to end things as not friends since we had been through so much but if I couldn't handle it, that was the only option. A week passed and I messaged her one more time to ask to sit down and give me a chance to talk to her because I loved her and I didn't want this to end like this over a text message... she responded by saying again that she only really wanted to be friends but that she didn't want to be cruel and dangle the possibility of ever getting into a relationship again.. she said we had love and chemistry but that we weren't compatible because we were both too emotional and headstrong... after that if didn't bother her and it's been a week since... a couple if days ago tho late at night she re added me on Facebook and Instagram? If she's done w me and wants to completely ignore me and never talk why would she do this? It hurts that she won't even give me a chance to have a conversation but I don't want to not give her an opportunity to maybe miss me and get past the anger or hurt... I don't know what to do, I'm heartbroken and I love her dearly... will she come around or am I screwed? I haven't messaged her at all and was thinking if sending flowers after another couple of weeks if I hadn't heard anything, I know I'm prob a fool but I'm completely desperate to fix this!!


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  • It sounds as though she was very clear about what she wants. A romantic relationship is off the table. She wants to be friends, but only after you accept that friendship will be the extent of the relationship. If you love her, you will respect her feelings and not push for more.

    You sound desperate and that is not sexy. Move on.


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  • I'd say if you really did fuck up and she has a reason to be angry, then you have some chance.
    If she doesn't have a good reason to be angry with you, I'd say it's all over.

    • There's definitely something to be angry at me for... she was so damn frustrated with me when we last left off... I'm imagining if she ain't mad, she's definitely still hurt...

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    • Well as far as I know she said it was because we weren't compatible and due to the fact that I lost my temper and said some really angry things that were harsh and she hung up on me id say she's pretty pissed and when I deleted her off social media , that didn't help.. she had told me before she has fears of being abandoned

    • So I guess there a chance lol

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  • Jesus, wall of text. You need a hotass rebound. Then, when thinking clearly, re-evaluate.

    • Believe me man , that would be awesome but I'm too busted up about it... what is there to re evaluate?

    • Rebound is always the way to fast recovery. ESPECIALLY when you're most fucked up. Talk to any other girl ASAP.

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