She went distant all the sudden and stopped talking less than usual need help?

Here's my situation. I met this girl over a month ago she's 6 years older than me. Things clicked awesome after we met we laughed and talked had serious conversations and just a typical goofy ones. She loved being around me and I did with her as well. We would start talking at 6:30am till 11 or so at night it was awesome. We got really close fast. I was nothing but a gentleman to her I would cook for her or do whatever I could to bring a smile on her face or make her more relaxed. Only thing is though I have two kids and she has three we don't live in the same town like 45 mins difference but I still made it work would go to her and she came here I met her kids and she met mine so all was all in that dept we got along great. But she was a college professor and had like two weeks off then started back to work for the summer. Yea I know that's a lot on someone's plate three kids and a career plus trying to see where I got in that scenario. But one day she became distant and stopped talking less. I didn't ask why I didn't wanna pressure her any at all. She's been cheated on a lot in the past as well which I was like how could any guy do this to this woman she was incredible heck I was loyal and we weren't official but pretty much looked like it. But anyway I was confused because things were better than great then changed in a blink of an eye I felt left in the dark. Well one day all the emotions hit me and I wrote a not so nice text yes it made her mad and I regret it so bad but I was like what's goin on with you. Don't you want somethin serious with somebody who's serious about you. Yes I apologized like crazy yes I looked desperate to get her to accept it. I wanted things to go back to normal. She just wanted friends for now she said I got so much going on do not be able to do this. I feel bad I did what I did to someone special. I haven't spoke to her in three days yes she said we could be friends and is talking more now but I have to start talking first hat that.


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  • Probably not interested anymore in yu


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