The girl left me for another guy and I'm not sure I can even deal with it anymore?

its been a couple weeks since I first found out and trying to pull things together and meet some new people but having a hard time dealing with things and I have to see them together every now and then. I saw them last night at the bar and it was very difficult to see them together they also didn't even say hi to be and just avoiding me the entire rest of night I don't think I even saw them again after that. it hurt me to see her there as I had wanted to do that with her , well take her out to the same club but that never happened.

I don't know what to do anymore , I just want to get really drunk or hit on any random girl I find attractive in the hopes she goes for me. I'm emotionally worn out after dealing with this girl for last few months only to lose her to another guy


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  • i know how you feel the best thing to do is move on, yes it will be hard obviously but you will go through it, if she finds out that your not jealous then she would be annoyed, also is she worth it, because when your getting over her and you are thinking of her all she is doing is enjoying her life and not thinking of you and i sounds harsh but it is the truth, is she worth it?, is worth your tears, but your act together "Be a man"
    all you have to do is keep yourself busy and there no point in getting really drunk because of her she not worth it she is probably a dick and she will soon realise that she loves you and if she wants you back DONT give her a second chance because if you do she might dump you and do the same thing and really do you want to go through it again, just think about it, if you want more advice just comment xx


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