I'm scared that I can't be friends with him even though he is so important to me?

Me and my ex have a VERY complicated relationship.
We broke up in November. Talked until February and then have pretty much been seeing each other from then onwards.
A few weeks ago when he left university for the holidays he said we should stop because he didn't want to hurt me when he couldn't give me the relationship I wanted.
We have talked ever since, but I have probably been a bit needy and clingy and things.
The other day he told me he missed me and said that he would never let another guy touch me.
Then I passed through his town but he broke his foot and so was in hospital even though he said he really wanted to meet up and we would when we get back to uni.
I want to as well, because he is SUCH and important part of my life. But I'm just scared that I can't be just a friend and not be completely in love with him.
There is CLEARLY still something between us, but he refuses to act on it, and I'm having a hard time trying to have normal fun conversations without turning them into depressing realisations.


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  • That's a hard one. I can fully see where your coming from! But sometimes as hard as it is you need to put your feelings aside, he's obviously not ready for anything and your going to keep hurting yourself as well as push him away further if you've been clingy. My advice, and at least try it, cut all contact don't reply don't answer calls and it will make him decide and if he begs to be with you then it's worth it, if he moves on it wasn't meant to be

  • Its fine to be in love with a friend.


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