Does my ex miss me? Do you think he wants to get back together? Why is he keeping my stuff?

So my (ex) boyfriend and I of 10 months have broken up. We broke up because after we had exchanged Facebook passwords he noticed a few messages that weren't romantic at all between me and a few guys, long story short, he is very sensitive and jealous, which stems from his previous disaster of a relationship. After months of trying to make it work he said that he couldn't stop thinking about what I supposedly did. He became distant, stopped calling me baby, stopped calling as much, etc. He broke up with me a few days ago. Upon us breaking up, I asked him if he wanted me to mail him is stuff, which included a "why I love you" relationship questionnaire book I recently started. He said yes and that he wanted to read the book. (Question 1) Why would he want to read the book if we're already over? After we discussed me giving his stuff back, he asked me if I wanted mine back, I said no, I told him to throw it away. He said he couldn't do that, so I told him to give some of it to his little sister, he said he couldn't because whenever he would see it he would think of me. He said that he couldn't just throw my stuff away and that he was going to keep it. (Question 2) Why is he holding onto my stuff? And amongst all of this when the initial break up happened I was very distraught and upset and so was he. He cried just as much as I did over the phone. (Question 3) why would he be crying if this was something he had wanted? Answers to my 3 questions would be very appreciated, thanks.


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  • Question one: The breakup does not preclude his feelings for and interest in you, especially if he is currently attached emotionally to you.

    Question two: Sentimental value.

    Question three: The fact that the breakup was his decision does not alleviate the pain of the reality of it.


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  • He probably still loves you. Just because he broke up with you doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for you still. He also sounds insecure, since he broke up with you over your supposed cheating. If it wasn't romantic messages, then he's insecure, and you did nothing wrong. However, he probably feels wronged and thats why he ended it, which can explain why he wants to keep your stuff, and why he cried on the phone. His feelings for you are still there, but his trust isn't. Overall, from just your information he seems a bit irrational.


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  • He still has feelings for you and still likes you - he just can't handle the jealousy or insecurity he is currently dealing with and that is why he broke if off - not because he doesn't find you attractive.


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