I love my ex, I want my ex, but?

2 years of ups and downs good and bad times I miss us and I still love him deeply then boom.. "We not on the same page no more" he says.. I didn't understand because at the time the week of him saying that we was totally fine, we spent time and we also was searching for jobs.. Ofcourse I blew his phone up for days but I eventually stopped my ex is a local rapper and i was his rider I was there through everything I knew my place I know sometimes he do a lot of stupid things I know that one day you can't say to yourself hey ima be faithful to her well right after he starte liking some girl and putting up a front on Facebook then deletes her pics smh that seems like he rebounding that girl but why would you leave someone you love for a crush? people May Day move on blah blah but who wants to risk their heart again right after a split? And why did my ex start liking and somewhat showing some girl he likes off? I feel like he's gonna come back knowing that he was wrong and even to see If there still a chance... I really do love him and right now I'm chillen I'm doing me I'm okay but still I love him an I do want him to come back he's making a big mistake I've been by his side through the worst and good times... Will he remember that? I'm cool now because I know eventually he'll come back sighh I love my ex a lot and I feel like he moved on so fast so he wouldn't feel hurt? Or maybe he don't know what he wants? Smh I don't know but I've been there for him for two years and I've been faithful honest all that to him he need to realize how much I was there but when?


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  • "Ofcourse I blew his phone up for days"
    That's why. Guys don't like girls who harass them a lot. He didn't break up with you for the crush though she was a rebound. But he isn't going to return to you unless you stop being clingy and desperate.

    "I know eventually he'll come back"
    No he won't. You don't get it, do you? We are not on the same page means he doesn't like you anymore.

    Just move on.


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