Going through a breakup after 2 years, any tips?

After being together for over 2 years she's decided to break it off with me because she says she's just lost her feelings towards me. We first got together when we were 16 and I did a lot of young and stupid things that I regret and have learned from. I've learned a lot from what she's said about why she broke it off, and though she had some faults too and some things bothered me I'm still pretty strongly in love with her.

I know I have to move on and exercise/going to college in the fall will probably help, but right now it's pretty hard day-to-day. We're still remaining friends and I'm mature enough now to still talk to her while still moving on and not steering things towards us getting back together or anything. Plus I really don't want to try to go cold turkey or anything, it's hard enough already.

So any tips to get through this easier and hurt less? I welcome any advice anyone can give.


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  • Don't remain friends for a while. Tell her you need a break. Then hang out with other friends. Why? Because it will make you like her more and want to be near her. You don't want that.


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