Divorced but still madly in love?

Hello, I've been divorced now for a year. It was the hardest thing for me to ever experience. I have tried to move on, got back into school, surround myself with family and friends, date and socialize. But even after this time I miss him. We have not spoken since the divorce was final, and it breaks my heart. He was my best friend. I have tried emailing him that way I would seem a little more easy to talk to, but no response. My question is, should I just stop trying, even to be friends. I want to call him and just see him, but the no response to the email makes me think twice. I'd just like some opinions on what I should and shouldn't do. I guess I wish there a small amount of hope we can build ourselves again, but I know it will take him to want to do it too.


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  • It's hard but you need to move on, it didn't work out for a reason. It's over, focus on something else more important. Life, there's more to live for. Don't limit yourself to old memories. It'll just be a rock that holds you back.


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  • Why did you get divorced if you're still in love with him? Marriage counselling would have been helpful.

    • Who said I wanted the divorce. And I did go, by myself because he doesn't believe in counseling. I was just asking for opinions for my situation, not asking what I should of done.

    • More information was needed to answer properly. Based on what you said, you need to move on. He isn't open to fixing the relationship and is ignoring you. There isn't anything you can do if he's cut you out already.

      It could be in few months or years that he might want a relationship with you again, but I doubt it. Eventually after enough time, the pain will ease, unfortunately there's no quick fix.
      Emerse your time with hobbies, friends and family, and that should help keep your mind distracted.

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  • Give him and yourself time. And by the way he is acting i think its better for you to stop maybe he's not yet ready to face you like you said it was the hardest thing you have experience


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