Ex wants to quit her job because we are coworkers , How to change her mind?

We recently broke up and it was my fault I dated another girl behind her back now she doesn't want to see me anymore and because we are coworker she wants to quit.
If she quits it would be so hard for her to find another job with this salary she is getting now.
I don't want her to does this and was thinking it would be better if I quit my job.
What else I can do?


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  • Tell her she is very stupid yo lose her career, money and stability because if the asshole that you are. She should waste her life and would find another that is man enough. And she could be looking for another job while working with you and when she finds the job she should quit.


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  • I would never let a n**** mess up my money. I would get you fired before I quit :)

    in this situation I think its honorable that u care about her employment. I would talk to her and apologize for what u did. she wants to leave because she feels hurt and awkward seeing u. what would ease this is a heartfelt emotional apology so she can have closure. women love closure. when she hears that maturity and respect from u, things will be much better and easier and she won't wanna quit


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  • Let her go... it's her choice at the end of the day.


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