Why is my ex acting so obsessive?

We broke up a few months ago because I couldn't handle his level of jealousy over the littlest thing. Regardless we tried to stay friends. But he's still trying to tell me who I can't talk to and how to dress. And he really freaks out when I try and distance myself from him
We're arguing all the time and I just want it to stop


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  • He obviously still likes you, like Hipsturdood stated he's hoping that being friends with you he'll be near by and you guys will get back together. Maybe something happened, maybe something you said, unintentionally or intentionally that led him to assume this. But if its making you uncomfortable just tell him that you dont think you being friends is working out. He's hurting and needs time to get over you. I think you guys talking or staying in contact is making that more difficult for him especially since you're the one that broke up with him.


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  • he still loves you... or he is a freak


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  • I think he only tried being friends with you hoping to get back in a relationship with you. Are you telling him things that may be leading him to assume that may happen? If this stuff bothers you, then maybe you should just tell him to leave you alone and that being friends isn't working out.


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