My ex recently told me she wants to be friends and nothing more. Can there be a deeper meaning to it?

She told me this last night. But the night before she got mad at me for canceling plans with her after I told her stuff that made her miss me and then I just bailed on her. She got really, really mad. I am so confused... Is she saying this to see how bad i really want her in my life? Does she actually just mean she wants to be just friends? It seemed to me like it was a really rash decision...


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  • I've had a similar experience with a girl lately. She said she wasn't ready for a long term relationship and just wanted to stay friends. After that I tried to put some distance between us (no texts, calls, facebook, etc) because I really couldn't stay in contact and pretend like everything was okay. She got really pissed off at me for not trying to contact her and stay friends, but I really don't feel at fault for that

    I say this because at the end of the day most people break up and want to stay friends because they truly don't know what they want. It seems to be the case with your ex. She wants to spend time with you but can't possibly understand that you can't change how you feel about her overnight

    Yes there may be a hidden meaning since she can't decide what she wants but ultimately people who don't know what they want probably aren't worth the time

    • I think it was a really rash decision and one she will come to regret because I'm gonna back to NC. I think she is scared that i have only temporarily become a better person to get her back and that I'm gonna go back to my old ways once she takes me back, so she is scared to do that. But thank you for this. it definitely helped.

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