Im really confused right now so girls and guys please just take a moment to help me out? Please?

Me and my ex have been talking for a yr now it sounds strange but let me explain... we started talking and fell for each other on the spot we started dating after just 2 weeks of talking well we had a bump in the road he broke up with me for 3 days then we were together again for about 2 or 3 weeks then afterwardst turned into a friends with benefits type of relationship he made it that way btw, then we kind of just naturally went back to our old ways relationship wise weve been good weve been hanging out a lot he's been calling weve been overall, you know, good. Weve not put a title back on it ever since last yr but only because of his wishes he told me he wanted to take things slow but somewhere down the line it led to a relationship thing which he allowed!

I only followed him and his actions and they all pointed towards wanting a relationship with me again infact there were so many signs of one that I just started calling him my bf again even though I know we hadn't discussed it but if it quacks like a duck looks like a duck IT IS A DUCK! Then he text me this today " I dnt no if its bad or good.. I just think we need a break from each other. .. but not as in not talking at all , but just take things slower... I don't know u just think we're rushing something that doesn't need to... Yea us being together. . just me going over and all.. I think need to slow down... we're not even official and we act like we are"

Weve agreed to talk in person later today but I don't know what to ask him or what to think right now what does it sound like to you all? To me it sounds like he just wants this to be a friends thing only I could be wrong but advice please?


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  • I think he's confused and isn't looking for anything serious because he's not ready no matter how good of a woman you are some guys just don't know how to appreciate you and keep you he wants to be free , with no title exs are exs and they should stay that way stop entertaning his games move on , he isn't looking for what you want good luck beautiful !

    • I know im going to give him what he wants which is space im going to give lots of it but... I guess im just hurt because you know I didn't bring us here HE did... I wanna see where his mind is right now though but dont know what I should say when I see him... what does it even me to take a break from each other but still keep talking?

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    • anytime ! im here for you stay strong you'll find a real man eventually move on and be happy :)

    • Thank you, :)

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