Problem with female friend but were not even speaking to each other at the moment?

things have gone really sour with me and one of my female friends , were not even speaking to each other , I don't think we've talked in over 2 weeks. since we got in an argument at local bar one night , there seemed to be some issues that were causing us some problems but she didn't really seem interested in trying to resolve things. and at moment were not even speaking to each other and I don't even feel that were friends but I have still talked to the other girls she and me are both friends with so its not a group thing , she specifically has an issue with me.

anyways I'm not sure if I should just give it time or try and talk to her again next time I see her. or just let her do her own thing for time being and not worry if were friends or not


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  • Let her do her own thing. She is a shitty friend for not trying to resolve things.

    • I feel she will be back at some point or I'll at least see her with the gf's I'm still talking to and she'll talk to me again at least that's my hope or she's just going to disappear for a while

    • Let her do what she has to do.

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