My ex contacted me after 2months , what's going on here?

My ex has just sent me a snap chat and liked my Facebook status after 2 months of absolute no contact !

I'm thinking it's because I've decided to go on a date with a friend of a friend of his and it's a case of if he doesn't want me but no one else can have me !

I am still very much in love with him and it's been hell but I've refrained from looking at his Facebook and viewing his snap stories but I know that he's been looking at mine and on my Facebook page !

What should I do , how do I get him back?


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  • He's probably Facebook stalking to see how you're doing. Just think about why you broke up.

    • I actually don't know why we broke up in the first place. All I remember is that we were on a weekend away and had a small argument but it was nothing major to me but in hindsight it was to him

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