How do I stop overreacting and get him back?

Me and my ex were seeing each other for a while after we broke up but 'apparently' aren't now. However:

1) he is CLEARLY still interested in me - he said he missed me and the other said "I wish I was falling asleep next to you"

2) He isn't involved with anyone else

3) I overreact at EVERYTHING and am pushing him away. He said that it frustrates him and if I stopped overreacting (however I can do that?) then we could figure this out easier

What do I do?


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  • You should let youself 'overreact' once and for all, and really have it out with yourself about why you did that, afterwards!

    Talk about it with him, ask him why you overreact.. see if he has insight that can help you!


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  • Talk him about what you are feeling right now, tell him you miss him too and want to be back together, make sure you don't overreact or do silly things you did earlier, I mean we all have to learn from our mistakes. Acc. To me there are just four thing you have to go by in order to make a relationship work 1) you have to love the person you r with 2) you both have to make adjustments according to each others liking3) you have to tolerate things4) you have to be forgiving. Follow by these, it makes my life a lot more easier. :)
    All the best... :)


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  • Well it matters what he did if he hurt you push him away but if you still like him go head try to fix things with him if he still likes you flirt with him and stop over thinking things..


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