Why did you break up with your romantic partner?

Think of all your past relationships where you were the dumper, and be blunt honest... Be anonymous if it's easier.

Why did you truly dump them?

Now think of all your relationships where you were the dumpee. What reason did they give you for leaving you for dumping you?


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  • I've been dumped 3 times and dumped them, well I don't know how many exactly

    Just wasn't working out really. That or they cheat

    • This is the reason I am asking the question. We all hear that: Just wasn't working out.
      It's not you it's me.
      It's complicated.

      But when you honestly look inside there is a reason. There is always a clear reason. I just wished there is a spot on GaG where people don't say these cliche lines, but truthfully look inside and evaluate.

      That's why I recommended you go anon. You missed the point of my question.

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    • Yeah, its never really just one. Usually a lot of things involved. Hints "just wasn't working out" haha

    • I appreciate most helpful thank you (:

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  • I've dumped two women and been dumped with one.

    The reasons I broke up with my first girlfriend was because we just didn't see eye to eye on one key issue. She came from a strict Catholic family and I'm an Atheist. We both knew this going into it, and thought that we'd be able to keep religion and love separate. Everything was fine at first, but eventually her family's hate for me started to take it's toll. She desperately wanted me to convert so that I'd be accepted into her family, but I absolutely refused. So I ended it.

    I broke up with the second girl because she slept with my best mate. Nuff said.

    My most recent ex broke it off because I cheated.

    • Those are pretty clear cut. I'm sure no one had to give vague explanations when the break ups happened.

    • Thanks for your reply. ^^

  • I wasn't as much fun for my gf anymore. I also lost interest in her sexually a few months ago (but was still emotionally in love with her). I kind of "lead her on" to dumping me. A part of me is really regretting it but another part of me is saying it was for the better.

    • Why did you lose interest sexually?

    • I shallow/selfish part of me felt like I deserved a better looking gf. I know a lot of guys in this situation will go out and cheat... but I had morals. She was by no means ugly... but there was something intangible that was holding me back from her.

    • Alright, that's important for guys. I asked and you answered. No need to call yourself shallow and selfish. We all have things we can't get over.

What Girls Said 1

  • It became long distance because I go to school out of state. And he told me he didn't even know what color my eyes were and for how long we were seeing each other, that wasn't a good thing lol. But the distance was the reason I wanted to end it, not the eye color thing, that just surprised me.
    It was a mutual ending, we both weren't really feeling it anymore. No one was hurt.

    • Thanks for your reply. ^.^

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