How do I become a challenge to her again?

I have realized that I was there for after every whim. No challenge to her. Is it possible to make her think that I am a challenge? Is it too late?


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  • why play games? if you want her, go after her!

    • Good point :)

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    • Thank you! haha Wow, I just read that dog fight you just had over picking my answer. That guy must be some kind of "player". I still say play no games. If she is bored with you, it's not because of what "game" you can play to win her back. That's a whole other issue.

    • Thank you. I know. That guy wasn't worth my day and it was pointless for me to even argue at all with him.
      It's like a YouTube commenter. Those guys are the worst. And even if you make the mistake of commenting there pointless behavior, you've realized, "Why did I throw gasoline on an already lit village?"

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  • this could only lead to jealousy or you two fighting..
    if you're feeling like she's not giving you enough attention, make it obvious or tell her, if she cares she'll make it up to you or apologize


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  • So you give best answer to the person that tells you to do the very thing that made your girl become bored with you? Yeah, makes perfect sense...

    • Don't be sad. You'll get a best answer soon from me if you are patient :)

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    • I dont have any nephews and nieces

    • littlelodoe

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