It just seems like everything I do he's un happy with, and he won't give me a chance?

He keeps me at arms lengths. Tell me only what he wants me to know. One minute want to be friends, and then the next sexual, one minute he's attracted to me then the next he's not. We are trying to rekindle our friendship something tells me he wants more but he acts as if he dont. I'm trying to be cool and go with the flow, but he's dragging me everywhich way.

He'll have oral sex but, won't Penetrate me. He says he's attracted to me but, I'm not really his type.
I think he's forcing his self to be sexually attracted to me.
I think all he likes is my personality, and really only see me as a friend, we talk all the time, every day but he's never asked me on a date. We get a long great we always have these hypothetical questions/talks. I think he's feeling guilty cause he knows how much I like him and if he would clearly say he's not interested he thinks it would hurt me.
I feel awful, cause I really do like him. I don't want him to feel guilty. I feel like since we tried to date and giving each other a chance in a way on his end he's not attracted to me like he had thought. I think sense he believes I'm a nice person he doesn't wanna hurt me feeling by rejecting me.
I feel terrible. But, I feel even more awful that he staying.
I deserve someone who thinks I'm great and beautiful and likes all of me interested in me.
how can I break it off? I feel in my heart if I let go he will to. I'm hurting badly. He means a lot. I'm in love. But he's not.
I'd rather him walk away now then to cheat with someone that's more his style.
I feel like I'll always be second choice, or or not good enough. * sighing* help me let go.
he's really good guy and everyone is entitled to their prefrence. I'm by far unattractive, and I do have guys that wanna date me. It's just my heart is his. There's no one I'd rather spend my days with. Guess u win some and lose some :*(
what do I do?
This is gonna be extremely hard letting the guy of my dreams go :*( Where


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  • He is treating you like shit. Leave him. He is a toxic person. One who tortures you. Or he is bipolar.
    "He keeps me at arms lengths." Sounds lovely. If he really cared, he wouldn't torture you like that.
    "Tell me only what he wants me to know." A real FRIEND doesn't do that.
    "tells me he wants more but he acts as if he dont." A good guy doesn't play with a girl's feelings like that.
    "He'll have oral sex but, won't Penetrate me." A guy who loves you will give you all the sexual attention you need. He gives you a bit of what you want and then pulls away to torture you.
    "He says he's attracted to me but, I'm not really his type." Sounds like someone has issues deciding what he wants.
    "but he's never asked me on a date." If he really wanted you, he would've.
    "him walk away now then to cheat with someone that's more his style." A cheater? Sounds like a great guy.

    Sweetheart, I know you can do better. Avoid him for a while so you can relax and not be tortured. Then decide but you know he will continue torturing you emotionally until you collapse.

    Experience is what I have. :P


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