I want to leave my husband for a good reason am I right in this? Please help me maybe someone could convince me to change my mind by his/ her answer?

I went to my parent's house to live with them for a while because i want my husband to used to that i won't be with him anymore because he want kids and i can't give him what he wants and he should marry another woman and he can have kids. I noticed something really weird happening to me this month i didn't had my period as usual and i feel so sick when i wake up in the morning i can't even eat anything I feel dizzy and i can't stop vomiting i 'm sick and i don't want him to see me like this because that would make him really worried so i'm avoiding him for weeks because i want him to forget me but he didn't give up on me :'( please i don't want to her I'm selfish because I'm not i just want him have a better life i really love him so much and he loves me but :'(


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  • If your first instinct is to run home to mammy and daddy, then yeah, divorce. You're still a child, and shouldn't have married anyone until you were older and more prepared.

    • I'm not a child and I'm married since years and he want kids!
      Besides this is my problems and i didn't tell my parents about that i stayed with them because I'm sick since a month and i don't have someone else

    • Mentally, you're a child. The fact that you didn't even understand my answer, just supports it.

    • No i understand and thanks for your opinion

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  • Ok u need to go to the doctor and find out what's wrong with you and he knows that u can not bear children and he still wants to be with you u can always adopt if u really love him and he loves you don't put him or yourself through something that can be worked out

    • I tried everything to get pregnant and we went to the doctor many times and he said everything is fine but nothing happened and now I'm sick like this and i don't know if it happened or what is this :s but i really love my husband

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    • I will think about it :) thank you really helped

    • I have been through a divorce and if u love him don't put him through that

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  • Sorry but I didn' quite get it so you said that you can't have kids and then you feels sick with symptoms of being pregnant and you are in your parent house?
    So my advice is this check to see if you are pregnant or not first then go to your huspand house and talk to him if you arenot preg. Then tell him if he wants you then he can't have kids thtt is not qnybodies fault and if he is so desperate for kids then why not adapts a kid then what he thinks

    • The doctor said I'm fine but i don't know why i didn't get pregnant until now i can't stop thinking about that and yes unfortunately I'm sick like this since a month and i don't know why :s it's happened suddenly

    • I really hope you gets better soon and as for your huspand as I told you talk to him and don't go hard in yourself it is not your fault or anyones he can adapt a kid or he can walk away and trust me it is his lose not you. And if it makea any dif. To you I prefer girls that can't get pregnant cauze the idea of raising a kid scares the hell out of me

  • This is a little confused if it's for real, no offense. Your "sickness" sounds like pregnancy to me. You may already be giving him a child. Take the test a couple of times.

    • I did and all i can see is two lines :'( maybe I'm not pregnant and it's the end of my marriage :'(

    • I'm so sorry. I'm frankly surprised that you got married to begin with given how you differ on this issue.

  • Most guys won't care if they truly love you. The question is, do you truly love him... I don't think you do

    • I do and we're married since years and he want children!

    • Then he should be able to stay with you

    • He don't want to leave me for any reason

  • Tell him all the things you have posted here and then file for a divorce.

    • What things?

    • The reasons for you walking away, the reasons you have given here. Just file for a divorce if this is how you really feel.

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  • You're pregnant! Don't leave your husband please i had those feelings when i get pregnant it's normal please don't leave him because you're not sick and you can do pregnancy test and you will see.

  • Talk about it. You can't hide forever...


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