Men, would you text your ex or call her if you still loved her but weren't sure how she felt about you?

Is texting the easier way to reach out to an ex? My ex has been texting me more frequently, but has not said how he feels. Just asking how my 4th was, etc. Is he just being friendly or is it more?


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  • Yes. If I still loved her I'd be doing what I can to try and get her back. It might be his way of initiating conversation even over text, or he might just be simply asking you how you are. If it is frequently, then I would say he still has feelings for you. My ex wife texted me over the 4th and told me she went to a bar she thought I'd be at to see me, and she has a new guy that she says is her "love". Then she just called me yesterday. I'm trying to figure that one out! We've been divorced for about 10 months, but separated for over a year. I don't get why she would still want to contact me. I asked her a while ago and she said she just wanted to see how I am, but I don't do that to her. It's over. She's the one who wanted the divorce, not me. Which one of you pushed for the breakup?

    • Oh... hmmm... very similar situation. He asked me to move out. We broke up at the end of August 2013... I moved out at the end of October. He's been texting me about weird stuff... said he drove by my work and "thought he might see me outside"...(sounds similar to the bar comment). Texted me 2 weeks ago and said he drove by my work and noticed my car has some rust spots and I should get them taken care of. Texted me on the 4th and wondered what I was doing and if I had a date? Then I woke up Monday morning to a text at 11:41 pm asking if my 4th weekend ended with a "bang"? Really? Please explain what he's doing. BTW. I've been told, if he or your ex in this case, was over us or DONE with us, they WOULD NOT be keeping in touch with us. My ex tried to throw it in my face that he had a date on Valentine's day... Ok... so why the f$#& are you contacting me? Haha... our ex's are idiots. But... I still love the idiot!!! :(

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    • Hi Brian... it's been awhile. How are ya? Do how are things going with the new chick? Well... there's more to my story. my birthday was 2 weeks ago and of course I got the Happy Birthday text. later that night as I was going out with friends I noticed him driving through my town. Coincidence? I think not. so that was Wednesday. that Saturday morning I had a call from him. I ignored the call. I got home from running my errands and literally two minutes after I walked in the door, there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there he was standing there. Said he just wanted to say hi and see how my birthday had been. then he proceeded to say a few things that really hurt my feelings and i told him to get the f*** out. I just don't understand why he keeps coming to see me if he is dating a married chick. :( Ttyl.

    • He sounds like a first class asshole. "Hi how was your birthday" then insult you. Tell him to stay away from you. I've had more happen in the past two weeks than I could possibly begin to write on here!! Put it this way, I'm enjoying the hell out of my summer!!!

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  • This is actually kind of what I'm going through rn. I lost the girl of my dreams. But if I still loved her i would be calling her telling her how I felt. It may be harder over the phone because you can't always say what you mean. But she will hear the tone of your voice and she will know that you aren't just saying it.


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