Why do I feel like this? urgent help?

my boyfriend and i broke up last month... we had a mutual no contact (we didn't even talk about nc, we just kinda both did it). i saw him 2 days ago, just for a catch up.. everything felt the same, like we were in a relationship apart from the kissing etc. he came to pick me up and gave me a hug when i left

i went ok with the NC for a month, like missed him then didnt, felt ok, felt like i was moving on. then i saw him, and the feelings came back, now i miss him even more.

is this normal?


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  • Yeah, having your ex around reminds you of the good times you had when you were together, its really sad. Unless you want to date him again you should probably avoid him... but if you ask me, it kinda sounds like it was destiny for you to see him again, if I were you I would go for it. Seems safe.


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  • So very normal. Did he seem like he wanted to give it a second go?

    • not sure... i mean i found it a bit funny howh e picked me up and gave me a hug when i left.
      he was talkative and all and such. it was like the same... ahhh i don't know how to feel about this

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    • do you think he wants a second go? when we broke up, we were still touchy and cuddly, we even kissed each other, and stuff like that. he also tried to fix his issue but he gave up. i don't know

    • Maybe but I would let him take the lead to ask you out again.

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  • This is completely normal. I am going through the exact same thing right now. Don't get your hopes up just yet. Be friends for now and see where it goes. You never know, it might just work out.


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