I don't know if my gf is still interested in me?

So my gf thinks i cheated on her for two yrs, but me and her would be on and off for almost 2 years and 6 months and when we would break up i would mess around with this other girl. She found out i was messing around with the girl for 2 years and she left me. Then i realized that i really wanted her in my life and i was ready to change. She hated me for two weeks, i told her how i felt and that i was gonna change so we got back together. But since then she isn't the same. I've been faithful to her, honest, and i don't even flirt anymore. Thats how bad i really want my gf back. She tells me that she has been working a lot and that is why she doesn't have time to talk to me. And when we do talk she doesn't seem interested anymore. She seems pretty distant with me. I've asked her if she doesn't feel the same to tell me because i would understand and no hard feelings but she tells me she wants to be with me but doesn't seem to show it. She just doesn't seem interested anymore. I dont know what to do?


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  • Well all I can share is my own experience when I've had a guy be unfaithful to me, but i hope it helps.. Anyway after I found out my guy was cheating and we still tried to work it out after I just couldn't shake the image of him and that girl and I just couldn't stand being around him because it still hurt me that he did that to me... there was no trust in our relationship anymore so i ended it even though i still
    loved him... She is probably feeling something similar but just doesn't know what to do... I would suggest you take all measures you can so that she can gain your trust again and communicate with her how you've been feeling about her actions lately and maybe she will open up some more and then don't f*** it up next time around!

    • Yeah I get you and I'm sorry to hear that happened. Thanks a lot, and well I've tried and she says she does love me and she does want to be with me but I know when she means it and don't. I'm really trying to anything to make her believe that I only want her. She just pushes me away.
      All I want is for her to be straight up with me that's all.. damn I sound too sensitive lol

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    • Yeah pretty much, unfortunately we are looking distance, because she puts the excuse that she is always working, sometimes it makes me think that she might have someone on the side:o thanks for hearing me out! :)

    • no prob good luck!

  • But I don't understand something... u were on a break? If u really were then it wasn't cheating. But did u flirt with other girls while u were with her?

  • I can see where your gf is coming from if I were her I would've felt really hurt. You may not have cheated but you didn't hesitate to go to someone else's arms when you claimed to love your gf. I'm no one to judge, everyone makes mistakes but you would have to really change and prove it to her through actions to get her trust back.

    • Well we have a long distant relationship, I try my best to show it to her but she doesn't let me, I have always been there for her no matter what and I still am. I've been trying to prove it to her but she doesn't seem to see it
      I really want to make it work

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    • I mean if she doesn't want to be with me anymore I just want her to tell me that's all but she doesn't. I really love herand I know I can't force her to forgive me and forget it
      But yeah time will tell
      Thanks a lot

    • Yeah you have a point. Regardless of what you did you still have the right to know whether she wants to be with you or not. Maybe she's confused as to what to do as well.

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