Is my ex a narcissist or is there another explanation?Does he still have feelings for me even though he has a girlfriend or is he using me?

I met my ex through work, worked together for a year before our relationship. We were very close but had a tricky relationship because despite my age my family were unaware of the relationship. He is white but I'm not. We weren't together even a few weeks when he wanted to meet them but I wanted to wait at least 5 months before introducing him, at least then I could judge we'd be a long term thing, whereas his family/friends met me within a few days, his decision. This ultimately broke us up after 4 amazing months.
We stayed in touch. We were still acting couply for weeks. I then found out he had a girlfriend. That killed me because he hid it from me and clearly had been using me emotionally. I stopped talking to him.
A few weeks later he got in touch and we met up. I thought we could continue being friends because we both missed it. He told me he hated that I didn't talk to him anymore. That's when he told me they had split up. We got close again, after a month of contact/intimacy I suddenly found out he was seeing her again. He had used me again. This time it has destroyed me.
Having to work together makes NC impossible. Although it has been a couple of months I am still not over him but I don't let on I just avoid him but he finds me. He continues to act as if he's done nothing wrong, keeps trying to talk to me but all the while he flaunts his new relationship on FB. They've even bought a house together after 4/5 months. He doesn't discuss his current relationship with me but keeps telling me about other achievements. I don't respond but he doesn't let up He told me recently really happily that he'd passed a major exam. After months of having to see him happy while I'm hurting I snapped. Told him I don't care and dont wish him any joy. He looked shocked and walked away broken. Ever since, whenever I look up I catch him staring at me from across the office.
What is going on? He's really got under my skin.


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  • I think he feels bad because he hurt you. Sounds like you have some qualities this girl doesn't.

    • He has never apologised for hurting me so I dont think he feels guilt about it

    • Malbye he just likes the attention then

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