Why this girl isn't deleting our Facebook photos?

Well here is my thing.
I recently broke up with a girl (we were together for about 2 years). The thing is she suddenly told me that she felt some sort of void in our relationship but she didn't know exactly what void it was. We kinda talked about it (on Facebook cause she was avoiding any face-to-face meet-up) and we broke up. She told me also that i was her best relationship ever and she told me about it because she didn't want me to suffer like this (we were for about a week in a i-have-to-think-about-this-week and i was clearly showing that i dont want to lose her or that the thought of loosing her was tormenting me)
Anyways... the thing is, its about 2 weeks now that we are separate... but she didn't delete any of our photos. I mean there are romantic photos there... in other words every photo we've had. The thing is that... i told her that i felt heartbroken but i would like to stay friends... as i value her like i value my food (i love food). She asked me if i was sure about this and i answered if i wasn't sure i wouldn't say this to you. anyways... if these are signs that she still thinks of me or she kinda saw that she did a mistake... should i start the operation Get-the-girl-back and go for it? Or just... let it go?
Any help is appreciated cause those two years in my life were a big moment...


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  • well i guess it means she's not seeing anyone else yet.. well seriously anyway thats usually the time when people delete old exes photos.. but you seem like a really nice guy it ahouldnt be hard for you to find someone else.. she obviously needs space and trying to get her back right now will probably just push her away more... too bad she couldnt talk to you more about what was going wrong with the relationship for her.. but sounds like she just wanted to get back in touch with her old self before you two got together a lot of people do that at some point in long term relationships.. I wouldn't give up hope but 2 weeks isn't a lot of time for er to figure out what she wants yet. Givenit some more time and then instead of swooping in and trying to be prince charming maybe just ask her to meet up to talk so you can at least get some closer if not try to sort out your issues.. give her time to miss you.. also a good quote - Don't be with someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you!

    • sry for all the typos using a damn iphone!

    • About that thing you said that she wanted to get back to her old self... well thats what i've seen from her status updates on facebook. she is acting like when we first met... so i guess thats a valid point xD But i guess i'll give her more time since everyone tells me to do that... but seriously thanks for that answer. I mean... i just want one last chance for this to work out... if it doesnt... well happy single me i guess. And dont worry about typos... go a shitty phone myself. xD

    • Aww you're welcome glad to help! Good luck!

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  • Bc she likes them? Nothing wrong with keeping them up

    • Well yeah i thought about that... but a man has to hope i guess..

  • Ain't no body got time for that you just broke up :G

  • Most guys don't delete their old pictures or care enough to. Same with girls I guess.


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