Why is my ex gf saying she misses me?

So my ex gf and i have off and on have always been talking since the break up but really argueing and it always confused me why she just wouldn't completely stop talking to me if she is the one who initially broke up with me very harshly she broke my heart. She's said she couldn't completely stop talking to me cuz she didn't want to loose me she just needed space, but she broke up with me then immediately went to go mess around with someone else, she Had been talking to when we were together. Recently she contacted me saying she wanted to talk and of course I said yes cuz all I want is to be with her again. she said how much she misses me an how much the house feels empty with out me there, she just misses everything we had. Every relationship has its ups an downs an that's what we had. She didn't really say she wanted to get back with me unless I change and we better ourselves first then get back together. I'm just a little confused because it just seems like once I gave her money she needed to help her out she just talks to me more she's a lot more friendly. She doesn't talk to me everyday as she's busy with school. She's said she's still angry with our relationship an needs to take things slow. I don't know if she thinks I changed cuz im helping her out with things or she's just using me for the time being untill she gets back on her feet. I mean of course I asked her these questions. An she said no but who really knows!


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