How do you get over someone you love who you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with?

I was with my now ex boyfriend for three years. Before that we were really close friends, always flirty with each other but could never really do anything about it because I was in another relationship at the time. I ended up breaking up with my other boyfriend for him and things were perfect. He was truly my best friend and we became so close with each others friends and families. His family became my family and I'd hang out with them without him. I'd spend time with his mom without him and everything just felt right. He was the first to say I love you after about six months, and I knew he meant it because he started crying when he said it. He was truly my everything. I took care of him and was very good to him, and he always made me laugh and smile and kept me on my toes. He's about 2 years younger than me but the age difference never mattered, in fact I really liked it because he was always joking around and had so much energy and just always kept me excited. Every time I saw him it was like I was seeing him again for the first time. I've been in plenty of relationships before, some even for several years.. but nothing compared to this relationship. He brought out a better person in me and we were both very supportive and loving of each other. Back in April, we got into a pretty nasty fight and I haven't spoken to him since. I did not speak to him for a month and a half and didn't even try to contact him. But finally I tried and he has not returned my calls or texts. He's always had a bad temper and can be very stubborn and not admit when he is wrong and it's hard for him to apologize, but I have apologized to him and haven't heard anything in return. I still keep in touch with his family and they tell me he loves me and is having a hard time dealing with things, but I can't figure out why he will not return my calls or texts. I've given him plenty of space and I just would like some closure if we are done. How do I move on?


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  • You had fun. You enjoyed spending time with someone else. But you did not listen to your instincts. Your instincts are often a bummer. They will tell you, stop, slow down, do not be with this guy, even though he is a ton of fun. You need time to heal. You need introspection.

    You get over it by realizing you made a mistake. So many women get into relationships, and get hurt, because they go by their feelings. Then, they feel like they did nothing wrong. That will never help them get ahead in life, or mature.

    Listen to your instincts. Ignore your heart, except when it aligns with your instincts.

    • I'm not quite sure what you mean or what you're telling me to do.

    • Me either. I might have been drinking. I apologize.

  • Rebound always.

    • but i literally can't even think about that right now... its been since April since I've seen or talked to him and i still cannot get myself to do that.

    • A rebound can be as simple as a male person to talk to. About anything. Just do it.

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