Ex gf is in a relationship after 1 month break up?

Ex girlfriend of 1 year is now in a relationship on Facebook after a month break up. Is this a rebound or what? Rumors is she had feelings for this guy for awhile but its just weird to me because its her cousins ex husband and both my ex and her cousin have kids. He adopted him when they got married to her cousin. First 9 months of our relationship was perfect we both had the same goals and she always drove 2 hrs to see me wnd bought me expensive things and made a lot of memories during that short time. But now its been almost 2 weeks since we hsve talked and it was over her wanting her stuff ( 2 controllers for her tv ) and that lead into another fight.. im just confused on what the hell is going on when we had future plans and were even trying to have kids..


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  • She probably had feelings for him and that is part of the reason she finished with you, the grass is greener on the other side. Your imperfections don't exist in him, he will carry new ones that have not yet been revealed. He was a solution to you, or she thought she was too good for you and he was a step up. She was bored and he was new and mysterious and exciting, full of possibility.

    I believe you should not waist your time with jealousy, or hurt for her she is not worth it.

    • Yeah you're right im just lost.. She begged for me back 3 weeks ago when i hadn't text her for 3 weeks and blocked her but now i feel like she's just with him because he can provide her with a home and what she wants where we are from. I had told her i would move back if i found a equal paying job. She is more infatuated with getting her place and not living at her grandmas.

    • I dunno, give it a long thought she seems very unsure of what she wants and you will likely get hurt.

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