How can I go from being close friends with him to being 2 neutral parties?

We've known each other for about 2 months and started off as 'friends with benefits' (we made out a couple of times).
Lately, I found out that he was trying to get in contact with a friend of mine. I got mad and told him that I wasn't OK with him trying to get with my friends. He said that he wasn't and only wanted a friend to 'smoke weed' with. I called him on that BS story but he sticked by it. Anyway, we made up and hung out yesterday and made plans for today. Today, I found out from another friend that a while ago, he had said that my friend has an amazing body etc. HE CLEARLY LIED TO ME, but he will never admit it.

What do I do? How do I tell him that I don't trust him and don't wish to be friends with him anymore? I don't want us to turn into enemies, just into 2 neutral people. How do I achieve this?


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  • just be straight with him. just say hey look im kinda over the friends with benefits thing, lets just be friends now. oh and I fucking hate you lying piece of shit:P hahha jk about last part:D

    • After making up and apologizing and everything, how do I bring up the SAME problem again without seeming paranoid? Should I tell him that I found out what he had said about her?

    • well if you can be polite about it and not blow up then you can call him out on everything. just dont expect the truth:P hahaha

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