Any guys that have run into their exes please help!

I haven't seen my ex since the break up almost 7mths ago. There have been times that he has text me asking if I wanted to hang but I just ignored it. I ran into him today unexpectantly at a store and he made the first gesture cause I didn't even see him, I said hey and he said hey and left it at that I walked out and he waited by my car and insisted on a conversation, telling me about his new job and asking if I was still seeing my bf. should I just forget I saw him, it made me relive the past with him and it somewhat hurt but made me want him too


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  • If you're with someone else don't bother trying to get back with him. Save your self the complications and the heartbreak and just push him out of your head. Hope this helps.

    • I'm not with someone but I just don't understand why he would ask that question out of everything he could ask me?

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    • Didn't he already have a shot why would he even try?

    • Guys are thirsty. I guess somewhere he realized what he missed out on. I don't think you should give him a chance but it's your choice.

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  • Don't re open the wound. An ex is an ex for a reason, and should stay that way.
    You are healing, forget you saw him. You have been moving on, keep moving.
    His not wanting to move on is his problem, not yours.

    • So are u saying that he still he likes me?

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    • Delete him from facebook. He asked how you were and if you are still with your boyfriend! He is gauging your availability and interest. You said he keeps texting you reaching out to get together.
      You are sounding like you are looking for approval to get back with him.
      If you have a boyfriend since he asked if you are with your boyfriend, I would suggest forgetting about him and being loyal to the guy you are with.
      Getting back with an ex is almost always a recipe for heartache and disaster.

    • I used to have a bf, that's the one he's referring to

  • haha I saw my ex gf about 6 months after she left me for another guy. I saw her with that guy. Just be the person you are, really simple. You can not worry about how they react.

  • I said hi and just walked by. She was the one that actually wanted to talk "hey how are you? ". I was trying to figure out if she's taking the piss or she's got some problem in her head.
    it did make me think about her more, but in no way i'm going back. But i'm in the clear now. I'm like "huh, so i'm still alive. Yup... Oh, look! ... Girls!"
    Thing is the other dude... you are wasting his time. You clearly have nothing to do with him. Just break it off. Rebound relationships are a dead end. Or even worse. you'll need some other dude, to get over this dude, whom you used to get over that dude, who was... Get what i mean?


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