Does she have a boyfriend or is her friend being over protective?

So my ex ended on messy terms two years ago and we never spoke to each other again. She did send me a text saying she would wait for me and would take me back no matter what. After several failed relationships I want her back because I never experienced a strong connection since her and I never sstayed hard for anyone else. It was pretty disappointing that I'd get soft during sex. I asked her friend if she could hook us up again and this was the conversation (A is me and B is her)

A: Hey do you think you could hook Em and I up? Just like you did two years ago at the party...
B: I don't think she's looking right now...
A: Please? After what happened I'm pretty sure she has some unresolved feelings for me as well... I do miss her and still love her that didn't change.
B: You hurt her pretty bad... Remember the suicide attempts and depression?
A: Yeah but I'm here to stay...
B: No sorry she still hasn't forgiven you
A: isn't she single and hasn't she been? And its been two years.
B: Right yeah she is she still isn't ready to forgive you. And she isn't into you anymore.

I kept trying to persuade her and pestering her about a new boyfriend. She doesn't have any social media so I can't check if she's lying or not. I don't have her number.


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  • Her friends being over protective. The friend might feel like you hurt her too badly and doesn't want to be there to pick up the pieces if you break up again. I've been there where if I feel my friend was getting into another bad relationship I would say something. Odds are if she's been single for the entire time you've been broken up she might still like you.


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