Best ways to get over a breakup?

My boyfriend and I were together for almost four years. We had been fighting a lot just before the break up but I had thought we were working through our problems. I still love this guy even though he left me the reasons he gave me were that he wasn't good enough for me and then that he wanted to be free without commitment. I feel incredibly betrayed because he basically said I wasn't enough for him. I don't know how to get passed this especially since he was the guy I was planning the rest of my life with and as far as I knew I was the girl he wanted to be with for the rest of his. I feel like a fool because I gave everything up to try and make this guy happy and I still would. He says he wants to still be friends but I'm not going to initiate anything for fear of looking desperate. I don't know how to be just friends with this guy when I love him and want another chance. How can I get passed this in a healthy way while still being open to having a relationship with him if he does decide this was a mistake and he does want me back? Also is there any way to convince him to give us another chance without pushing it on him or looking desperate. I don't want to right away of course because I don't want to depend on him as strongly as I did in the past.
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I already tried to talk to him about giving us another chance and that's when he said that he wanted to be free...
I appreciate all the advice but I don't have any friends except for two one who is a 40 year old man who constantly hits on my and is close friends with my ex and the other is a girl my age but she is also better friends with my ex than I and


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  • Getting past this but still being open to a relationship isn't being past it. You really have to fully commit to being past it. If you do and for some reason he tries again in the future that is something new and different and will need it's own beginning. If it is built on this then it is just a continuation. So truly move on. Block his Facebook page, don't go hanging around places you know you might "accidentally" bump into him. Make your life yours. It will hurt and suck and just bee horrible... for awhile. Then it gets better. But this only happens if you're committed and want it.


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  • I will say in short but veru meaningful things
    Ask ur heart what actually it wants

    if paind giver by him is to be more concerned then forget him
    and if he is to be more concern then forget the pain

    decide by urself if love him then go to him
    don't take too much time to think weather to move forward or not
    because if u will take
    then u won't able to
    and if u don't then u may loose him forever

    best of luck
    have a nice time dear
    hope u will live ur life happily

  • If you wanna make it work, then try to. If not then don't be friends. It never leads to anything good. Except maybe friends with benefits if you're into that kind of stuff. As for getting over him, hang out with other friends as much as possible and keep yourself busy. The whole "the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" is true but I wouldn't recommend it because in the long run it'll affect you psychologically if you constantly do it. Clear all your feelings for this guy, take some time for yourself, then move on to someone else.

  • Lots of Meaningless, rough sex with no strings. It will help you forget him fast.

  • Go out and have a life. You only have a certain amount of time at the age your at. Live it up make mistakes and learn from them.


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  • ok four years is a lot of time, isn't it :p,... my advice would be is forget him and get with a guy who you deserve, start dating, and keep yourself maintained, hair, makeup, skin, and workingout,... focuse on your own life,... and a soon as you find a nice guy (im sure you will) coz it can't get worse than you last current bf, you will forget this looser,...

  • I would probably get a huge bowl of ice cream and a get some Netflix on drama movies lay on my bed with my closet friends and talk about it so I could vent my feelings with them and get them to help you mend your broken heart.


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